School Verzió

School Verzió aims to teach students to think critically and analytically, and to pique their interest in the problems of their smaller and greater communities. The selected documentaries offer a rich and special material, an exceptional fit in education for a number of reasons: these films take viewers to distant lands, they show us the diversity of cultures, and they can raise awareness on issues in our direct environment which are waiting to be addressed. Matters of history, sociology, ethics or even ecology can be studied with the help of these motion pictures. They can be used to explain how to create audiovisual content. The rich diversity of the genre—from long documentaries on a single subject, to various creative solutions—can help students realize its multitude of possibilities, while also highlighting the problematic relationship between reality and fiction.

We invite teachers to register for the School Verzió program if they would like to screen documentaries in class, in the assembly hall on Earth Day, in summer clubs, camps, in an outdoor cinema, or at a community center.

Film club organizers can also screen the films in the list below, however we only give the films for events where entry is free of charge.

The following Verziótheque films are currently available, free of charge, for educational purposes, i.e. (physical) school screenings:

While planning the screening, we recommend that teachers think about what they wish to achieve by showing the chosen works to the students, and to estimate how much time they have for the screening and follow-up discussion. Defining the goals for the group can help identify the ideal place and time for the screening, and it helps to keep the discussion focused.


The titles listed above are also accessible online, for free, for educational purposes. The documentaries Our School and Maddy, a model can be rented free of charge at our online library, Verziótheque.

We offer promotional codes for school and university groups to access documentaries usually only available online for a fee, for free. We hope this will help teachers and students taking part in distance education to watch the films individually at home.


If you are a teacher or a film club organizer and would like to screen a film from Verziótheque, or if you need free online access, please send an email to!