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Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, Anonymous • USA • 2020 • 93min • Mandarin Chinese
On 23 January 2020, China locked down Wuhan, a city of 11 million, to combat the emerging COVID-19 outbreak.
Naziha Arebi • Libya, UK, Netherlands, USA, Lebanon, Qatar, Canada • 2018 • 97min • Arabic, English
In Libya, in the hopeful atmosphere of the Arab Spring, members of a women’s soccer team are trying to make their dream come true to become professional football players.
Mihály Schwechtje • Hungary • 2020 • 89min • Hungarian
Everyday life of a shelter for women, social work from a personal point of view.
Nathan Grossman • Sweden • 2020 • 98min • Swedish, English
The journey of world-famous teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg from her school strike to the UN climate summit.
Susanne Kovács • Denmark • 2019 • 60min • English, Danish, German, Hungarian
Family drama about secrets, a silenced past, and questions that have been carried within us for a lifetime.
István Gábor Takács, Lili Rontó • Hungary, Russia • 2020 • 30min • Russian
Criminalization of drug users in Russia told in an animated documentary.
Jane Magnusson • Sweden • 2019 • 59min • English
The questionable social norms of beauty and the fashion industry through the story of a model.
Sung-A Yoon • Belgium • 2019 • 90min • Tagalog, Ilonggo, English
In the Philippines, women are preparing to go work abroad as domestic workers or nannies while leaving their families and children behind.
Suhaib Gasmelbari • France, Sudan, Germany, Chad, Qatar • 2019 • 93min • Arabic, English, Russian
Four idealistic filmmakers and old friends are determined to revive film culture in Sudan.
Eszter Hajdú • Hungary, USA • 2020 • 80min • English, Hungarian
The legendary guitarist left Hungary at the peak of his career. His new American life is confronted with that of his mother, left behind the iron curtain.
Ilona Gaal, Balázs Wizner • Hungary • 2020 • 30min • Hungarian
The last days of a life-loving man at the Hospice House. A taboo-breaking film about death.
Iryna Tsilyk • Ukraine, Lithuania • 2020 • 74min • Ukrainian, Russian
In Ukraine, a mother and four children are shooting a film to distract themselves from the everyday reality of war.
Hye-Ryeong Park • South Korea • 2019 • 85min • Korean
A Korean master chef prepares traditional dishes with unorthodox ingredients for his elderly friends living in the mountain villages of Korea.
Ai Weiwei • Germany, Mexico • 2020 • 112min • English, Spanish
When 43 students disappear without a trace in Mexico one night, families have to deal with both the emotional burden and the negligence of the authorities.
Marc Wiese • Germany • 2020 • 92min • English, Tagalog
Maria Ressa and her journalist colleagues at Rappler stand as the last sentries in the worst days of the Duterte dictatorship in the Philippines.