Past in Present
Past in Present

2 or 3 Things I Know About him
M. Ludin, 2004, Germany, 87'
The truth about the husband, father, grandfather, a Nazi war criminal responsible for killing Jews in Slovakia is well known. Still, his image is debated within the family.
Friday, December 2, 8.30pm. Örökmozgó Film Theater
Saturday, December 3, 8pm. Toldi Cinema

The Goebbels Experiment
L. Hachmeister, 2004. Germany, 107'
Nazi newsreels, home movies and diary notes of the propaganda minister. Image of the first media manager.
Thursday, December 1, 8.30pm. Örökmozgó Film Theater
Friday, December 2, 8pm. Toldi Cinema
Saturday, December 3, 4pm. Toldi Cinema

In the Name of God
A.Patwardhan, 1991, India, 75'
Hindus and Muslims fight for a sacred spot. A close look at fundamentalism in India.
Sunday, December 4, 2pm. Toldi Cinema

Life in Fresh Air
D. Volarić, 2001, Croatia, 60'
Village in West Slavonia, Croatia. Returning Serbs find Croat refugees from Kosovo in their former houses.
Saturday, December 3, 6pm. Toldi Cinema

Magnitogorsk: Forging the New Man
P. J. Smit, 1996, the Netherlands, 60'
1937 and 1999. Heroes of the Soviet Union then and now as seen by Dutch cameras.
Saturday, December 3, 8pm. Toldi Cinema

Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
E. Morris, 1999, USA, 91'
The career of the electric chair engineer, specialist in painless killing and holocaust denier on the side.
Saturday, December 3, 10pm. Toldi Cinema
Sunday, December 4, 8.30pm. Toldi Cinema

N. Geyrhalter, 1999, Austria, 100'
Survivors and returners: Daily life in the Chernobyl zone.
Friday, December 2, 4pm. Toldi Cinema