In Focus

The 16th edition of Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival spans 46 countries and 75 films. The program also includes, for the first time, 9 VR projects, presented in cooperation with Zip Scene, and Random Error Studio. The diverse and comprehensive selection of films includes documentaries that expose problems, as well as those that search for alternative solutions to help restore justice, to heal, and to recover. Along with a wide range of films on human rights in the international and student film competitions, Verzió 16 spotlights media and the role(s) it plays in shaping our image of the world, the impact of environmental change on human rights, and the experiences and perspectives of today’s youth — from children to teenagers — who prepare to take the planet into their hands. Understanding some of the multiple facets of the world is the first step towards change. Welcome to Verzió. Our goal is to help put the world in focus.

Oksana Sarkisova, festival director

Verzió 16 Gallery