Masha Mom
Masha Mom

Michał Bukojemski / Poland / 2003 / 35 min / English, Russian

Filmed in Russia over seven-years, this documentary follows Masha, a Russian American Jewish lesbian, in her quest for motherhood. After Masha’s open-minded grandmother urges them to give it a try, Masha and her girlfriend Kate set out to find a donor. After numerous disappointments and growing tension, the relationship breaks down, but Masha continues to follow her dream. She explores a variety of options, navigating the Russian social and legal landscape. Paradoxically, the legal system is not an obstacle in Russia, where an unmarried woman with a child has more rights than the biological father, who is rarely given custody. This one woman’s plan to create a family incorporates multiple approaches and an impressive amount of support from the people in her life. It is courageous attempt to make different roles compatible: to be a woman, to be a lesbian, to be a mother.

producer | Adam Łukaszek
screenplay | Michał Bukojemski
camera | Michał Bukojemski
editor | Joanna Wojtulewisz
sound | Jacek Kusmierczyk
music | Małgorzata Przedpełska-Bieniek