Sentenced to Marriage

Mekudeshet / Anat Zuria / Israel / 2004 / 60 min / Hebrew

Three young married women trapped in religious courts in their attempts to get a divorce, which can only be granted with their husbands' consent. Dependant on their husbands' whim, they do not know when release will finally come. A married woman is forbidden to have a relationship with another man even her husband has long since gone to live with another woman. Denied other relationships, the women are condemned to profound psychological and physical suffering. In Israel, a democratic country of the 21st century, their pain and anguish is embedded in the law. Being young and anonymous, their voices are silenced. For two years the film follows the Kafkaesque struggle of Tamara, Michelle and Rachel – three young women doing all that is humanly possible to obtain a divorce, with the help of a group of female orthodox rabbinical advocates.

producer | Amit Breuer
screenplay | Anat Zuria
camera | Ron Katzenelson
editor | Era Lapid
music | Jonathan Bar Giora