2 or 3 Things
2 or 3 Things I Know About Him

2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiss / Malte Ludin / Germany / 2004 / 87 min / German

The family of a Nazi war criminal, sixty years after the end of the War. Hanns Elard Ludin found fame as a young officer under the Weimar Republic, after conspiring on Hitler's behalf in the German army. When Hitler came to power Ludin' s career took off; by the time he was twenty-eight, he had an army of no less than 300,000 storm troopers under his command. In 1941 he became Hitler's emissary to the Nazi's vassal state, Slovakia, and looked after the interests of the Third Reich there - including the implementation of the Final Solution. After the war, the Americans handed Ludin over to the Czechoslovakian authorities; he was sentenced to death and hanged. Ludin's youngest son, director Malte Ludin, presents a 'documentary debate' with the three generations of his large family, now scattered all over the world. Although the truth about the father's role in the war has long been on record, his widow, children and children's children argue about their family history, struggling to reconcile private memories with public knowledge.

producer | Iva Svarcová
screenplay | Malte Ludin
camera | Franz Lustig
editor | Iva Svarcova, Malte Ludin
music | Werner Pirchner, Hakim Ludin